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Why collect wines as an investment?  Every once in a while a"following" develops  for an item that is in limited  supply. Whether it be coins,  stamps, hot wheels or old  posters, the value increases as  the "following" increases.  Each vintage has a known,  limited quantity of wines  produced adding to its value.  The "older" it  gets, the more valuable it gets  and unlike traditional  collectibles, most good wines "improve  with age".  Norma Jeane wines are now in  that category. 

Each new vintage is released on  Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, June  1st, and sells out quickly.  Collectors have made Marilyn  Merlot one of the  fastest-appreciating wines on  the market.

We are proud to offer for Sale one (1) 750ml

bottle of

1994 Marilyn Merlot

BuyItNow    $150

Retail Value $275 @ Marilyn Wines

Napa Valley, CA    93% Cabernet, 4% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc

Oak: 24 Months
French  100%

Released: May 1, 1996

Portrait:  The photograph used in this label is one of Milton Greene's most famous Marilyn Monroe sessions. It was inspired by an ill fitting white dress with a crinoline that Marilyn didn't wear but just held up to her body.
  • Each vintage of Marilyn Merlot features a photograph taken of Marilyn throughout her career.
  • Some of the most famous photographers of the day including Tom Kelley, Milton Greene and Sam Shaw have been featured with multiple photogrphs.
  • There is still legal questions being answered as to who these photographs belong to, the estate of the photographer or the Marilyn Monroe estate.
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